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Dixons Allerton Academy


Location Client Cost Size Completion
Bradford, UK Integrated Bradford £28m 12,300sqm 2013

Project details

A three storey linear building with a series of open heartspaces.

The new academy accommodates pupils from 3-19 years old and specialises in health and science. There is provision for 1440 secondary pupils including post 16 and the primary school accommodates a further 420 pupils, including reception and nursery.

The two schools can operate discretely or as shared facilities depending on the educational preference. The library over the main shared entrance acts a learning bridge between the schools and eases the transition from primary to secondary education.


  • provide nursery and secondary facilities for over 1,800 pupils in one building
  • maximise flexibility and future proof the building


  • an all-through building with the very best educational facilities
  • a high quality environment to deliver 21st Century learning

Integrated services

architecture, environmental engineering, civil & structural engineering, acoustic consultant