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McMaster University Campus Masterplan


Location Client Size
Hamilton, Canada Quadrangle Architects Limited 196HA

Project details

BDP worked with McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, to help plan its future as one of the leading research universities in the country. With over 120 hectares of land and six academic faculties, it has over 30,000 students and plans to grow significantly over the coming decades. The campus was designed in the 1960s and follows a traditional suburban 'campus' style with significant areas of surface car parking, underutilised space, and segregated 'zoned' areas.

BDP has established a Masterplan strategy for the campus to develop a more distinctive, engaging and sustainable student experience whilst enhancing connections between the University and the adjacent communities. This has happened with strategic infill development by locating where to place new buildings to increase vibrancy, activating routes through the campus, and creating new and biodiverse green spaces.

As a suburban campus, density levels are relatively low and BDP has championed smart design moves to develop a welcoming gateway, and create a sense of arrival while intensifying the heart of the campus whilst providing housing options for new students and staff.

Integrated services

architecture, graphic design, landscape architecture, project management, town planning, urban design