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Location Client Cost Completion Awards
London, UK Nike £10.5m 1999 / 2011 3

Project details

Creating the largest NikeTown in the world.

Our design and management skills spanned all aspects of the project.

By taking a fresh look at London’s architecture we came up with a radical mix of references for NikeTown, from a red brick football building to a futuristic glass golf pavilion.

For the centrepiece, our design team worked with full-scale mock-ups to create a unique ‘town crier’ messaging device that appears to float in NikeTown square, regularly erupting with sound and light.

2011 lighting commission
Following on from the original project, in 2011 we were again commissioned - this time for lighting only, where we created bespoke decorative light in the form of various Nike products.

The client found our single point service a brilliantly effective way to manage the project.

Martin Cook Chairman, interior design


  • work with Nike design teams to create the world’s largest NikeTown at Oxford Circus, London
  • devise three levels of retail space on the theme of a town square
  • create a mix of contrasting model buildings that draw on London’s architectural heritage
  • separate lighting only commission 2011


  • a global flagship store: the biggest NikeTown in the world
  • our messaging device is a new attraction not seen in other NikeTowns
  • carefully researched architectural themes make this a London attraction in its own right
  • bespoke lighting
    awards: Retail Property Award 2001, National Lighting Design Award 2000, FX interior Design Award (Finalist) 2000

Integrated services

interior design, environmental engineering, structural engineering, acoustics, lighting