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Perth Concert Hall


Location Client Cost Completion Awards
Perth, UK Perth & Kinross Leisure £17m 2005 7

Project details

A new architectural icon for an historic townscape.

We won this international competition with a distinctive oval design. Our 1200-seat auditorium rises through the centre of the oval to deliver a striking outline in pre-patinated copper.

Inside, the auditorium has a movable floor, which can be flat or raked to suit a wide range of music, performance and conference uses.

Our 150-seat multi-function room is just as versatile, providing many combinations of flat, acoustically adjusted day-lit space.

The glazed, south-facing foyer forms an extension to the new public square beyond.

Spanking new, beautifully appointed and massively successful concert Hall.

Perth Herald


  • create a new performing arts centre in the city of Perth
  • accommodate a wide range of arts and performance activities
  • provide an iconic architectural statement for the future, which also fits the old town context


  • significant new addition to Perth’s architectural heritage
  • generation of new arts and commercial activity
  • awards include the RICS Regional Award 2007 and the Building Services Award (Project of the Year) 2007

Integrated services

architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, acoustics