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Suzhou Tourist Centre


Location Completion
Suzhou, China 2013

Project details

The building consists of banqueting, conference and exhibition space and creates a new public space which overlooks the lake.

It informs visitors of the local tourist attractions, and also contains three restaurants and shops for specialist local food and artwork.

The design was inspired by the large black dragonflies that are prevalent around the lakeside. The concept relates to the flight of a dragonfly from the water to its landing on a water reed as if captured by motion photography.

A landmark tourist destination on a spectacular lakeside setting.


  • create a new tourist destination on a spectacular lakeside setting
  • enhance links to the adjacent marina


  • a landmark building with dramatic views over the lake
  • an increase in visitor numbers to the area.

Integrated services

masterplanner, architecture, structural engineering, environmental engineering, lighting design, landscape architecture