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Weston-super-Mare Town Square


Location Client Cost Size Completion
Weston-super-Mare, UK North Somerset District Council £2.6m 7,000 sqm Oct 2017

Project details

BDP has breathed new life into Weston’s urban heart space creating a revitalised town square and Italian Gardens.

The inspiration for the design concept was drawn from the town’s coastal location, historic association with Marconi’s radio telegraph system and the adjacent Calamine mining industry. The new iconic public space is characterised by a high quality and durable palette of hard and soft landscaping which is central to creating a new identity for Weston’s public realm, seeking to cement the town’s identity firmly in the public’s mind.  


  • a new, high quality, flexible space to sustain future evolution and support a thriving suite of events and festivals
  • stimulate economic boost 
  • a place designed to celebrate Weston's unique heritage


  • a dynamic public square symbolising the beating heart of Weston
  • reinforcement of the vision of Weston as an attractive coastal location
  • a new and cohesive identity for the town’s public realm

Integrated services

landscape architecture, civil & structural engineering