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Benthuizen, Centre

Project details

Benthuizen is located in the middle of the Randstad, on the border of Zoetermeer. Bentwoud is a forest developed on both of the east and north sides of Benthuizen. Originally the Dorpstraat is the heart of Benthuizen. The increase of car-traffic from the fifties on and the expansion of the new housing area on the south of the Dorpstraat leed the moving of the shops outside the centre of the village. In the years that followed, the Dorpstraat lost its original function.

The design tries to give to Benthuizen a centre again, an "heart" for its inhabitants. Around the Dorpstraat, a series of squares and public buildings will be connected by a system of pedestrian paths. After that all the small scaled firm have been moved to locations on the border of the village, the shops inside the village will be moved to the north side of the Dorpstraat. The new shopping area will be directly accessible from the Dorpstraat. From the new heart, it will be easier to feel the location of Benthuizen in its context: you will have a view again over the canal upon the polder landscape.