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Belgium, Eisden, Mine Park

Project details

Eisden is located in the Meuse valley, on the west side of the Meuse River. The site of the former Mijnen NV is situated at the north side of Eisden. The entire region has been dominated by the mining industry, however, since the closure of the mines, the area has shown the potential to be developed in new directions, for new purposes. The favourable location of the border region and the proper infrastructure make economic incentives possible.

Central to the plan is the desire to create a large, green, open park space with a clear view to the open landscape and the National Park. The Minepark stretches between the two landmarks in the area; the Terril (mine hill) and the shaft towers, stressing the historical relationship between the two. The east-west direction of the green central park area is emphasised by the distinct linearity of the remains of the historic railway tracks and other surrounding infrastructure. The cycle and walking routes through the Minepark to the National Park form an important part of the plan. The majority of the new developments are organised at the edges of the central park area. A theme park and holiday homes are situated in the vicinity but not directly adjacent to the park. These are beyond the direct view of the Minepark.

The shaft towers have an additional focus because they are the central objects on an urban square. The shaft towers are framed by the new buildings of the design centre and daily recreation facilities. These buildings form an ensemble with the existing hotel, cinema and academy of arts. The first phase of the holiday homes is to be constructed on the banks of the large lake, hidden behind the Terril. The main recreational buildings are to be built on the slopes of the hill as well as in the hill. The mine hill itself is accessible for the visitors and very suitable for various sports and hiking.

In the public park, the themes of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit will be displayed in the form of art. Along this public park, the new features are zoned from east to west in declining recreational intensity. The highest intensity would be featured around the shaft towers, following the outlet centre and other existing urban functions, due to the large concentrations of people and functions. The recreational functions of less intensity are located towards the National Park.