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Beverwijk, Sint Agatha square and surroundings

Project details

With the planning of St. Agathaplein (church square) in Beverwijk, a warm intimate shopping street and city square is introduced that suits the scale and proportion of the city. Currently the centre of Beverwijk is neither intimate nor warm, perhaps due to its broad shopping street and an enormous square – Meerplein (which measures approx 300mx60m). The square is mostly used for parking and the building with most character is the church of St. Agatha.

The new development comprises different buildings and facades with varying styles of architecture, as in the old city centre, which over time evolved organically. It will be the same in the new shopping street, the Meerstraat, with houses on a small scale that will strengthen the intimacy of this car-free zone. The square- Meerplein, will be surrounded by the St. Agatha church and new apartment buildings. Through this the square will be enclosed on a scale that suits it better (60x70m).
The previous harbour will be brought nostalgically back into the picture, not recreated in its exact historic location (since parts of it do not exist), but rather to maintain its original identity. The wall of the Wijckermolen will have the character of a quayside where lighting along the roundabout will be designed as hoist-cranes and the buildings will look like warehouses.