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India, Lonavala, Sajala


Location Client Size Completion
Lonavala, India Sankpal, India 2,6 hectares with 74 villas Design 2010, Realisation started 2012

Project details

The site of Sajala in Lonavala is beautifully located in one of the curves of the Ravi Valley. The complete eastern and northern sides of the property are facing impressing hills. The south-west border is accessible from the departmental road. The scenic beauty of the site is accentuated by the existing gradient. On the south, the site starts with gentle slope which leads one’s steps through the property, while on the north, the hills form the natural boundary of the site. The space gets its exclusive character and its intimate climate from the enclosure of the mountains. Standing proudly, alone in this beautiful property is an old and majestic Audumbur tree, which gives scale to the site. Even on a dry day, there is evidence of a waterfall on the hills edge facing the plot. On rainy days this will add an extra quality to this romantic site.

Description of the layout concept
The goal of the layout for Sajala project is to enhance the natural beauty of the site.
A landscaped park runs from the entrance on the south-west side up to the north towards the hills. Up there, the park is wider and offers a large view upon the hills, including the Audumbur tree and further the waterfall. Amenities are subtly located in the park without disturbing the beauty of the natural setting.
Cars are parked at the entrance of the property so that the complete site is free for pedestrian and safe for children. The choice for such a system stimulates to revise the style of living: no car in front of the house, but instead of that, an open and green setting with space for people to move freely and safely.
In Sajala project, the inhabitants can benefit from the relaxing ambiance of the villas setting and enjoy the panoramic view of the hilly background.

Integrated services

Urban Design, Vision landscape