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Balador Masterplan


Location Client Cost Completion
Talegaon, India Sankpals Developers, Mumbai, India 17 hectares design 2007, realisation started 2008

Project details

The old Eagle Flask factory site in Talegaon on the outskirts of Pune in India has been available for redevelopment since the production of the world famous Eagle Flasks was terminated. The main site, together with a couple of subsidiary sites, is roughly 40 acres in size and faces a beautiful lake with fantastic views of a range of hills. The quality of the site is further enhanced by the presence of many old trees and a steep gradient which brings the quality of the lake right into the site.

The urban design concept enhances the picturesque quality of the site. The nearly 20 meter level difference is used to create a series of terraces leading to a lakefront where a majestic boulevard provides all users with a unique urban experience with the lake on one side and a vibrant mix of urban functions such as shops, cafes and hotels on the other side. From this public space steps and ramps lead up into the site to the semi public and private quarters.

A central organizing feature of the site is a park which is located in such a way that it incorporates many of the old monumental trees on the site. As it descends in steps and terraces, this park widens towards the lake, with buildings arranged in complexes at right angles to it. Each group of buildings houses its own car parking facility which is placed under the building block to take advantage of the gradient on the site. The building heights increase with the gradient with lower buildings on the lower terraces, higher ones on the higher terraces thus accentuating the hilly location and affording each terrace of buildings an optimal view.

The Sabio Eagle City will boast a mix of several urban functions. Besides the residential component ,the masterplan allows for a rich mix with IT offices and towards the lake more public and commercial functions such as a hotel with conference facility and commercial and shopping areas.


  • redevelop picturesque waterfront site in 4 phases
  • masterplan proposals for a steeply sloping 16 hectare site on the former Eagle Flask factory site


  • a rich mix of urban components all with stunning views

Integrated services

masterplanning, urban design, landscape design