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Laura Bayliss

Laura Bayliss -

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"I paint with light and I light paint"


Light Artist Laura Bayliss works with both paint and light to create stunning installations that celebrate the magic that occurs when paint and light combine.


Laura first used light as an artistic medium in 1999, when she began making site-specific interactive light art installations that celebrate the many qualities of artificial and natural light whilst encompassing the viewer.


With over ten years professional lighting design experience, working in London and Manchester, Laura continually called upon her artistic background to inform her architectural lighting schemes to make them aesthetically stunning with conceptual integrity. Laura has won many industry awards and became BDP’s youngest Director in 2008.


Now, Laura uses her professional experience as a lighting designer to inform her work as a light artist.


Laura has a First Class Hons Degree in painting and her most recent body of work combines her passion for paint with her love of light.


Drips of paint defy gravity by running upwards, across and within coloured, textured and sumptuously painted interlinking surfaces that are illuminated with a variety of lighting techniques. All luminaires are concealed so the viewer’s focus is on light, not light fittings.


Paint and light each offer an intensity of colour and saturation that is unique, where one cannot be replicated by the other. I have been working creatively with paint and light in separation for almost twenty years, yet, I am most inspired and excited by what happens now I am using these two mediums in conjunction.