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Les Klein

Les Klein

Principal Toronto
+1 416 598 1240

Les is a principal, co-founder and Studio Head in our Toronto studio.

As a co-founder of the Toronto studio, he has helped to set its course and foster new generations of leadership to ensure its future. He takes a problem-solving approach to architecture, approaching the influences that shape design and the communities we holistically.

Les’s work in master planning innovative urban residential developments, the adaptive reuse of existing structures, and the design of broadcast facilities and dynamic environments for ideas-based entrepreneurs has been at the heart of the studio's growth and success. Its standing in the community as one that combines design excellence with business acumen continues to attract long-time repeat clients.

In 2015 Les was awarded the Order of Da Vinci by the Ontario Association of Architects.  He was elected to both the College of Fellows of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada in 1994 and the Simcoe Chapter of Lambda Alpha International in 2012.  He is also a former National Director of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada and has served as Chair of the Urban Land Institute Toronto District Council.

Les also holds the position of BDP Quadrangle Studio Head, and in this role he oversees progress of the firm's strategic plan and maintains regular communication with the executive of BDP.

Architecture/design practices of the future will be

"Practice has changed continuously and our technologies, the process of project management, the nature of design and the scope of our reach have all changed, and we are challenged to keep up.  The one thing that has not changed is the collaborative nature of the work we do – no one can do architecture alone, and our successes are measured by the success of our collaborations."


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