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Reimagining Age-Friendly Living

Rethinking our urban centres as multi-generational communities.

Age-friendly housing isn’t a new topic.  As a society, we are facing an ageing population where the number of people aged 80+ is expected to triple by 2050. However, the built environment has yet to fully respond to the urgent demand for attractive, affordable, well-connected age-friendly homes and communities that can meet the diverse needs of older adults.


The global pandemic has magnified the interconnections between our housing and built environment, and shone an unforgiving light on social inequalities.  Older generations worldwide have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic.  So just how do we meet the health and housing needs of this expanding, multifaceted demographic?

Our Age-Friendly Living report aims to contribute to the discussion of post-pandemic recovery and explores opportunities for building more equitable societies across the world.

In this report, we seek to address:

  • The design of high quality, age-friendly homes that enable people to ‘age in place’
  • Financially viable age-friendly developments that support urban intensification strategies
  • The creation of multi-generational communities within healthy, well connected neighbourhoods


We have also devised a framework for designing age-friendly homes and neighbourhoods alongside examining construction techniques which may optimise costs in order to build affordable places that offer a better quality of life for older people.

We believe that by designing places that support the transition from third age to fourth age, we can increase the likelihood that older people will live in security, enjoy good health and participate fully in society for longer.

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If you would like to work together on exploring ideas or opportunities for age-friendly housing, please contact us:

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