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Biospheric Project, Manchester International Festival

The Biospheric Foundation is a group of young researchers with a vision to change the way cities and communities interact to create a more sustainable way of living.

We provided design assistance for the development of the aquaponic installation as part of a groundbreaking urban farm experiment, set in a disused Salford mill, at the Manchester International Festival in July 2013.

Together with industry partners such as Queens University Belfast (QUB), Siemens and Ener-G, BDP led a successful funding bid to the UK Technology Strategy Board, resulting in the development of detailed designs for a bioproductive climatic façade system, known as a ‘Greenius Wall’. Designed to maximise bioproductivity by using dormant space on the sides of buildings, the aim is to develop a fully functional vertical farm system which could be replicated on a larger scale in the near future.


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