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Gap House launched to help solve Bristol's housing crisis

BDP is launching the concept design Gap House at the Bristol Housing Festival, which we are also sponsoring.

Our concept is to create factory constructed, contemporary and cost-effective eco-homes designed to fit into small urban spaces, such as garage plots. Bristol alone has 2,000 garages on 300 different council housing estates which have the potential to be transformed to offer new homes and neighbourhoods.

Architect director Nick Fairham said: “We are in dire need of new homes for a new generation. BDP’s eco Gap House will be quickly constructed, cost effective, sustainable and, most important of all, stylish, comfortable and practical to live in. We are delighted to be sponsoring the Bristol Housing Festival, which shares our passion for creative solutions to the housing crisis and effective placemaking and urban design.”

Jez Sweetland, project director of Bristol Housing Festival added: “We love BDP’s hugely creative yet completely practical eco Gap House idea and are thrilled to have it on show at the Bristol Housing Festival launch exhibition. It’s exactly these ideas, innovations and conversations that we are looking to explore through the Festival over the next five years, finding new ways of solving the UK’s housing crisis and creating attractive and effective communities.”

A prototype of Gap House will be showcased at the Festival from 19 October-4 November. Bristol studio architect director Yuli Cadney-Toh is also one of the presenters for a Festival event on Thursday 1 November when she will join Bill Dunster (ZEDfactory) and Chris Dunford (We The Curious) to talk about homes for a sustainable future.