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Nick Fairham

Nick Fairham

Chief Executive Bristol
+44 [0]117 929 9861

Nick is our chief executive and leads the practice's business strategy.

Nick's leadership draws on strategic thinking and creativity. His approach inspires a clarity of integrated thinking across our global network of studios combining the functional and experiential in design.  This approach has seen him develop complex projects into places which are thoughtful and responsive to the needs of his clients and a genuine pleasure for all users.

His approach to leading our culture is through clarity of purpose, communication and empowering our teams to make things happen, both collectively and individually.

He is passionate about the value that collaboration and interdisciplinary working can offer to our clients and the social purpose the practice espouses.

Running the global network of studios, Nick’s focus on knowledge management gives the opportunity to draw on our talent and resource to think globally and act locally, bringing the best thinking and resources to address the challenges of the modern world.

What are some of the future challenges for a Global Design Practice?

“I believe over the next decade we will have the opportunity to address some of the greatest challenges facing the world; from climate change to mass urbanisation and an ageing population. To address this requires integrated thinking and few are better positioned than BDP to address these challenges.”


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