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179 East Nanjing Road


Location Client
Shanghai, China Shanghai Bund Investment Group Ltd

Project details

The historical buildings will be renovated to high-end retail, restaurant, leisure, a luxury club and a boutique hotel, and will be known as ‘the Bund X–Change’.

The roof creates a new destination marker in the city. The concept is to have an inhabited roof that links the differing heights of the protected historic buildings. The glass dome canopy floats over the buildings and has minimal impact upon the historic fabric. It creates a strong desire for pedestrians to circulate upwards to the upper levels of the retail and leisure areas. It provides shelter from the rain and a degree of shading via strategically placed areas of fritted glass. At night it will be subtly illuminated.

An outstanding world-class new destination for Shanghai.


  • design an outstanding world-class new destination for Shanghai
  • integrate a new commercial building into a cluster of preserved historic blocks


  • a landmark destination with panoramic views of the city
  • 35,500 sq m of mixed uses within refurbished historical buildings

Integrated services

architecture,landscape architecture,lighting