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University of Bristol Dental School


Location Client Cost Size Completion
Bristol University of Bristol Confidential 7,300sqm Due 2023

Project details

We are working with the University of Bristol on the retrofit of an office building to create a new undergraduate dental school facility in the heart of Bristol. The 7,300sqm school will contain clinical space with 119 dental chairs, supporting equipment, services and clinical fit-out, clinical lab support areas, teaching and tutorial space, office space, and ancillary space such as showers, changing rooms, breakout rooms, and kitchenettes.

The most sustainable building is one that already exists, so we would always advocate considering the reuse and repurposing of buildings first. It will be a beneficial addition to this area of Bristol, introducing a vibrant university function along the river and close to Temple Meads. Of course, repurposing an office building poses some challenges, but it also throws up exciting opportunities to create a completely unique design that is both fresh and modern, as well as drawing on existing quirky features of interest. This is the approach we’ve taken at the University of Bristol Dental School, which will provide an exciting new facility for students and researchers.

Akshay Khera, BDP Project Director


  • Create a specialist university facility for dental studies.
  • 7,300sqm split over six floors.
  • 119 dental chairs, café, teaching space, specialist spaces and offices.


  • Repurposing an existing office building, offering a highly sustainable solution to the university that avoids the need for demolition and new build.
  • The interior concept is based on a simple aesthetic with timber and white surfaces to create a feeling of warmth and light.
  • A biophilic wall in the atrium changes the character of the space and brings nature inside the building to aid healing and a sense of wellbeing.
  • Social spaces have been included on all floors to facilitate interaction between students and clinicians/tutors.

Integrated services

architecture, interior design, graphic design, acoustics, lighting, sustainability