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University of Birmingham, Clinical Skills Centre


Location Client Completion
Birmingham, United Kingdom University of Birmingham Ongoing

Project details

The ambition for this project is to create a state-of-the-art educational environment that provides innovative and sector-leading specialist teaching of healthcare education, supporting multi- and inter-professional education (IPE). This will enable the MDS and the University of Birmingham (UoB) to place itself as the destination of choice for students, to attract and retain the best staff to deliver this education, and ultimately for graduates to be equipped with the knowledge and technical skills to thrive in the health and social care sector of the future.

The centre will support the ambitions of the Birmingham Health Innovation Campus (BHIC) and Birmingham Health Partners (BHP), meeting the demands of relevant local and national employers, particularly the NHS and pharmaceutical industry.

Our aim is to design the most energy efficient building with services that meet the needs of occupants, and have minimal carbon footprint, in line with University’s requirements.

The thermal performance of the building fabric will be developed in conjunction with the Architect to provide a comfortable internal environment throughout the year, with specific emphasis on the prevention of summertime overheating and heat loss.

The new building will also need to meet the statutory requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations 2022.

The philosophy adopted within this approach is to develop passive techniques to reduce the need for complex building services and incorporate renewable technologies. Only when the building site, fabric, and services strategy have been optimised will the first level LZC technologies be considered. Further, only when the clean renewable sources have been optimised, will second level LZCs considered.

Integrated services

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