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Nanjing Landsea Eco-Housing


Location Client Completion
Nanjing, China Landsea 2012

Project details

We assimilated Chinese cultural differences into the design such as extended families sharing an apartment, separating kitchens from living spaces to accommodate vigorous wok cooking.

Apartments have full height louvered triple glazing on the balconies to the south east elevation. These balconies offer a changeable and dynamic representation of the passive design philosophy, allowing free flowing natural ventilation via the open louvers or when closed acting as passive solar winter-gardens depending on the seasons.

Lean, mean and green design measures are employed including advanced passive measures such as super-insulation, very low air leakage and elimination of thermal bridging to maximise energy savings at minimal cost.

As a true demonstration of our interdisciplinary working practice, sustainable technologies are embedded within the architectural form.

Ian Purser project director


  • design an exemplar very low carbon and sustainable apartment building
  • showcase green technologies at an internationally recognised standard


  • a high-tech residential development which challenges the forthcoming UK zero carbon homes standards

Integrated services

architecture, environmental engineering, sustainability, acoustics, lighting