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BDP’s Collaborative Sustainability Efforts

At BDP, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond designing sustainable buildings. We believe in working together with fellow industry experts, task forces and partnerships to help mitigate the built environment’s impact towards the climate crisis. Members of our Sustainability team actively engage with the below groups to share knowledge and expertise, to help shape the future of sustainable design. By working collaboratively, we hope to ultimately create a better world for all, one project at a time.


UKGBC Scope 3 Alignment Task Group

We are actively involved with the UKGBC Scope 3 Task Group, which brings together multidisciplinary industry experts from different practices to collaborate on research, knowledge sharing, and discussion related to scope 3 emissions. The task group is working to address the limited understanding and inconsistency around scope 3 reporting in the commercial real estate sector, which has resulted in missed opportunities for emissions reductions. BDP and other task group members are currently in the early stages of creating a free-use document of research, which aims to improve how we measure scope 3 emissions and align it with the overall carbon lifecycle. The task group meets monthly, with a mix of online and in-person sessions and works closely with the UKGBC project team to guide and shape industry conversation and actions.


UKGBC Embodied Carbon Measurement and Reporting Project Task Group

This task group aims to address the urgent need for greater clarity on measurement and reporting on embodied carbon within the built environment. The project builds on the Net Zero Whole Life Carbon Roadmap, with a focus on providing clarity on how Embodied Carbon Assessments can link into scope 3 reporting, and how they relate to Life Cycle Assessments. The task group, of which BDP is a part of, also aims to provide guidance and recommendations for best practice examples to help the industry address the current lack of standardisation in measuring embodied carbon.

Points of contact: Holly Hodgson, Sustainability Consultant

                            Julia Yao, Senior Sustainability Consultant


Whole Life Decarbonisation – Design Partner Framework with Laing O Rourke

Another multi-practice initiative, the Whole Life Decarbonisation Design Partner Framework is a knowledge-sharing group. While the methodologies for measuring the whole carbon lifecycle of a building are all very new, the partnership is committed to crowdsourcing the best practices currently being used in the industry, to help create the best tools and workflows for practices to use.

Point of contact: Lucy Townsend, Head of Sustainability


NLA NextGen Committee

This is a London-based initiative which identifies and supports young talent from across the industry, championing the professional development of the built environment’s future leaders. The committee connects young professionals with peers in the industry, allowing them to expand their professional networks, develop skills, and profile new ideas. Those taking part also advise NLA (New London Architecture) on the next generation’s priorities for the profession, including sustainability.

Point of contact: Jaffer Muljiani, Sustainability Consultant


NLA Net Zero Expert Panel

The NLA Net Zero Panel brings together industry experts to address the priorities of achieving a zero-carbon future for London. The panel provides thought leadership on design, development, and construction in London, advises on program topics and research, and responds to new policies or consultations. This panel is particularly relevant given the Mayor of London's commitment to a carbon-neutral future and the declaration of a climate emergency.

Point of contact: Golnaz Ighany, Director, Architect-Sustainability