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Yintai City


Location Client Completion
Taizhou, Zhejiang, China Yintai Land 2016 phase I

Project details

Taizhou Yintai City is a retail, residential and office development covering 13 hectares on former industrial land.

A multi level retail and leisure centre links to a new transport hub and forms the core to the development. The scheme also includes high rise workplace, a five star hotel and a leisure plaza with terraced roof gardens. A 150m residential tower provides a landmark for the scheme. Phase I of the development started on site in 2014 and will provide 400,000 sqm of floor space.

The new district will improve the commercial offer in the city’s Jiaojiang district, and is positioned to benefit from the region’s growing economy and attract key businesses to the area.

A thriving high quality commecial district in a rejuvenated area of the city.


  • masterplan a new commercial retail, residential and office development
  • stimulate the economy by attracting new business types to the area


  • a thriving high quality commercial district in a rejuvenated area of the city

Integrated services

masterplanning, architecture, civil & structural engineering,landscape architecture, interior design