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UCL Wilkins Refectory


Location Client Cost Completion
London, UK University College London £5.5m Aug 2017

Project details

The Refectory is the first purpose-built canteen in the main UCL Wilkins building. It has been restored to its original form and re-launched as an alternative to competing food offers available off campus.

With the development of the UCL campus and the building of the new student centre there is an opportunity for the Refectory to be used during extended working hours as a dynamic multi-purpose space which is available to the students until late.

Lighting Information

The design caters for the extended opening hours of the Refectory giving it distinct day and evening atmospheres. The feature of the interior is a suspended 10m diameter circular pendant and matching 2.4m diameter pendants in the orangery wings. The main interior lighting is provided by a series of lit rafts which make the whole ceiling glow. In the evening, the ceiling lighting dims and small pendants provide warm pools of light to the seating and floor recessed uplights accent the arches of the large columns.

The lower terrace is treated as an extension of the Refectory and has a higher lighting level, achieved without dedicated down lighting.


  • a full refurbishment of the Refectory as a 24 hour multi-use space
  • create an attractive destination for staff and students in the heart of the main UCL campus


  • a coherent project that uses a variety of lighting techniques to create a dynamic lit environment
  • a high-end interior space available for academic events as well as day to day cafeteria

Integrated services

lighting, building services engineering, acoustics

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