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Bhartiya City Masterplan


Location Client Size Completion
Bangalore, India Bhartiya International Ltd., India 50 hectare design 2012, realisation started 2013

Project details

The site of Bhartiya City is situated in the northern part of Bangalore. This tract of land provides a unique opportunity to create a city quarter that is complete, sustainable and a microcosm of city life. Bhartiya City will function as a self-contained unit, but is also perfectly connected to Bangalore through the proposed new peripheral ring road.

Key elements of the masterplan are a pedestrian orientated community, a cyclist-friendly environment, a mix of unique neighbourhoods, urban vibrancy and a varied open space network.

The site of approximately 50 hectares slopes from the north-east to the south east. The development is roughly divided into four quadrants by the future peripheral ring road and the proposed CDP road. Curved avenues extending from the CDP road provide access to the quadrants, and give Bhartiya City a unique identity.

Trees, along all the roads, are another feature of the master plan. The natural gradient of the site is applied to create a series of terraces that step down the site. The terraces are a unifying theme in the public realm.

Parks are established throughout the site. The parks in the northern part of the development form a continuous green ribbon and are connected by a feature pedestrian path. In the southern part of the development the parks are strung one after the other to form a linear, green, recreational space along the existing nala. Two plazas, the Retail Plaza in City South and the Event Plaza in City North form the focus of activities around the southern and northern commercial centres.

The pedestrian and cycle network is fully integrated in the design of the public realm. There are ample pavements along all public roads. There are also two feature paths, one in North City and one in South City for pedestrians and cyclists only. Along the major roads, such as the CDP road, cyclists have their own dedicated cycle tracks.

Integrated services

masterplanning and landscape architecture