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Culcheth High School


Location Client Cost Completion
Warrington, UK Warrington Borough Council £24m 2010

Project details

The design concept is a multi-level, linear street with three-storey ‘fingers’ of transformational learning spaces reaching out into the landscape.

Timber ‘jewels’ between the ‘fingers’ contain dining, ICT, LRC and conference facilities.

The social street provides a sense of place and fosters a sense of community where the buzz of learning can be seen and experienced.

Learning spaces employ passive environmental principles such as natural ventilation and high thermal mass to create an energy efficient and pleasant environment to study.

The new Culcheth High School provides an exceptional learning environment, allowing the pupils and staff to develop as individuals and reach their full potential.

Michael Coope Warrington Borough Council


  • create a diverse range of learning environments capable of supporting different learning styles
  • provide new resources and opportunities for the whole community


  • a modern, welcoming and uplifting new school
  • a catalyst for social and economic regeneration

Integrated services

architecture, interior design, graphic design, civil and structural engineering, environmental engineering, landscape architecture, acoustic consultant