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ESB Headquarters


Location Client Cost Size Completion
Fitzwilliam Street Lower, Dublin, Ireland ESB €100m 35,000 sqm 2021

Project details

The new headquarters provides a world class example of sustainable design and innovation, combining a mix of passive and active methods to produce an exemplar office space.

The building is located on a compact site in the city centre which offers interesting challenges in the production of a sustainable office space and links to a bustling new plaza area on James Street East, which hosts restaurants and cafes, breathing new life into the surrounding area.


Seven reports examined and documented every aspect of servicing a modern office building in order to provide a clear and documented logic for the innovative strategies used within the ESB’s new headquarters, which deviate considerably from current industry practice.  

The report places a particular emphasis on the following aspects:

  • Air supply strategy
  • Heating and cooling emitters
  • Heating and cooling generation
  • Space set point control and operating modes
  • Water services
  • Parasitic loads
  • Lighting control

When complete, we will monitor the building in detail.  Some of the new strategies developed for office design have already been implemented on other BDP projects.


  • provide a new headquarters of exemplar sustainability design


  • playing an active role in the development of building layout and facades to optimise its passive response
  • development of a range of active and renewable energy and water systems for the building

Integrated services

environmental engineering, sustainability, BREEAM Accredited Professional

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