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Guildhall Shopping Centre


Location Client Cost Completion Awards
Exeter, UK Aviva Investors £11.8m 2016 REVO Gold Award

Project details

The refurbishment and reconfiguration of the historic Guildhall Shopping Centre, the Ambulatory and Grade II listed Upper Market, together with full redesign of its public realm. 

The project allows us to demonstrate how existing retail centres, especially those built in the 1970s and 80s, can be brought back to life without the need for wholesale demolition and proved an interesting challenge in showing how a modern retail environment can be created within an historic structure.


  • increase retail presence
  • create a coherent and delightful public space
  • facilitate the Guildhall's integration with the rest of the historic city


  • an enlivened new entrance for the Guildhall
  • a new, consistent brand image 
  • further commissions to consolidate the Guildhall as one of Exeter's major retail destinations
  • REVO (BCSC) Gold Award

Integrated services

architecture, landscape architecture, lighting