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Hill Retreat Masterplan


Location Client Size Completion
Pune, Maharashtra, India Image Reality LLP, Shapoorji Pallonji Real Estate 900 Acres 2018 - masterplan completion

Project details

BDP was commissioned by SPRE, a 150 year old real estate company, to masterplan a 900 acre site on the edge of Pune. The site is located on the cusp between the existing city and natural beauty of the Western Ghats. The site surrounds an existing 260 acre championship golf course, and is in turn encircled by hill ranges. The challenges faced by the dramatic landforms of the site and steep contours have been integrated with sensitivity into the masterplan. The development envisages a cluster of neighbourhoods which are completely self-sustainable, containing world class educational facilities, innovative working environments, pleasant living areas and various leisure options. The masterplan is designed around good walkability, cyclability (more than 12kms of cycling paths!) and easy access to the natural landscape surrounding the development. There are four neighbourhoods, and each draws on existing features, whether natural landscape or man-made, to create its own unique character.

The Golf Neighbourhood offers spectacular views of the golf course and breathtaking views of the surrounding hills. The Hub is a truly mixed use neighbourhood which will be the heart of the development, lined with restaurants and shops and with a centrally located oval main plaza providing space for informal gatherings, the weekly market, outdoor theatre, festivals and shows. Valley is a street based neighbourhood defined by the ‘parkway’; a very broad green zone with sports facilities, parks and gardens. Across the valley, the lake district along the existing water body has a series of residential buildings arranged around green courts that open up and provide views of the lake. All neighbourhoods have excellent paths connecting to the hillslopes where teak-wood trails, a cross-country running track, bird watching, viewing decks, art installations and adventure parks offer a wide range of sporting activities.


  • to develop an urban retreat consisting of a cluster of self-sustainable neighborhoods, with a focus on wellbeing and connection to nature, and at the same time offering the benefits of city living


  • with 174 acres of developable land, 16,100 homes have been designed for an estimated population of 65,000. An area of 18.65 acres has been dedicated as a mixed use hub, consisting of office space, some residential and 2.5 million sq ft of commercial space

Integrated services

masterplanning, urban design, landscape architecture, concept building design