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Nanjing Xianlin Yangshan Retail Street and Masterplan


Location Client Size
Nanjing, China Administrative Committee of Nanjing Xianlin New Zone Site area around 3.48 hectare, GFA around 25,000sqm

Project details

Project locates in one of the three new urban area of Nanjing, is the sub-core area of the Nanjing City development zone. Yangshan Park urban planning area is located in the centre area of the 4 Xianhe funcational areas in Xianlin new district, the transportation is convenient. The commercial service centre of the new district is very close to the planning area, which is the centre of the new district landscape, ecologic, and leisure.

The area is orientated as the Science City, and meeting the needs of the area. Regarding to the park landscape system, the design highlight the existing characteristics, meanwhile input in the new elements to create a featured attractive commercial leisure street between the LRT station and the Yanshan Park. In the future, Xianlin Science City will be contributed as a dynamic city with the high-profile economic growing and also the attraction for suitable living.

Integrated services

masterplanning, architecture