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Unite Student Housing, Angel Lane


Location Client Cost Size Completion
Stratford, London, UK UNITE £24m 24,000m² 2015

Project details

The site, on the corner of Angel Lane, between Theatre Square and Stratford Station forms the first phase of a mixed use scheme proposed by Westfield with Unite.

The new building houses 750 students in a garden courtyard city block with commercial space, student facilities, a foyer and exhibition space activating the street at the corner of Angel Lane towards the station.

A 'green beach' students' garden is placed at the heart of the scheme, with the courtyard forum opening up to the south. This lawned space leads up to a belvedere garden above the commercial and communal spaces and overlooks the street and Theatre Square. The courtyard form steps up from the south to north with a spine building of 14 storeys set along the north and railway side.

At the southeast corner, the building forms a ten storey identity point from Theatre Square and when viewed westwards from the town centre. Student common spaces and a roof garden are set at the top of the new corner point, with a panoramic view over the centre of Stratford and towards the Olympic Park.

The building is wrapped in brickwork, with pale grey/brown brick on the outer side and yellow glazed brick on the inner (sunny) side of the courtyard. The repetitive sequence of student room windows is broken by triple and double height groupings of living/dining rooms which pop out of the face of the building and are clad in copper sheets. These give animation to the elevation and in particular the corners as they criss-cross vertically up the building and pop up through the roofline to form lanterns when illuminated. Studio apartments are located at the upper reaches at the ends of the 14 storey spine and cantilever out to form sculptural gable ends.


  • create a new student community in Stratford town centre
  • reactivate a corner site between Theatre Square and Stratford Station


  • the first phase of a mixed use scheme proposed by Westfield with Unite

Integrated services

architecture, landscape architecture, lighting design