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Redditch Town


Location Client
Redditch, Birmingham, UK Redditch Borough & Bromsgrove Distict Councils

Project details

BDP undertook a strategic sites study for Redditch town centre on behalf of Redditch Borough Council and North Worcestershire Economic Development and Regeneration. BDP led the project and provided town centre regeneration, masterplanning, urban design and town planning inputs to the team which also included urban residential development advisors (HLD) and market, viability and funding experts BE Group. 

BDP worked with Redditch Borough Council to identify 4 strategic sites within the town centre, as part of an overall regeneration framework. The focus was on attracting mixed use and residential led development to key sites, to help regenerate town centre areas left in decline following decline in retail and town centre manufacturing uses. Attracting more town centre living, in well designed urban mixed use developments, along with investment in public realm to promote town centre liveability and increased activity into evenings and weekends, is a cornerstone of the wider town centre regeneration strategy. 

The vision of more town centre living in a higher quality town centre, fits with current regeneration agendas including national policies and programmes intended to revitalise declining high streets and regional growth agendas including a major push for housing growth in the West Midlands based on accessible, well connected locations where critical mass and existing public services make it possible to deliver well designed and appealing urban housing developments. 

BDP’s work included site and market appraisals, extensive stakeholder consultation and working with the town centre steering group to identify and evaluate a number of development options. The work was informed by a robust approach to design, ensuring exciting but deliverable architecture and urban design, as well as property market and viability assessments to demonstrate deliverability and underpin business case for investment and additional funding. 

Preferred development options were prepared for four major sites including the area around Redditch station, the Church Road area close to the town’s historic heart, the site of the existing public library (subject to a separate study addressing reprovision as part of a public services hub), and the site of the redundant outdoor market. 

The development proposals were illustrated in digital 3D massing models of the town centre, and visuals were prepared to further illustrate and articulate the vision and opportunity. The preferred options were fully costed and appraised and economic benefits of investment assessed. Delivery strategies were agreed for each site, with actions for key stakeholders. 

The final proposals were presented to and endorsed by the town centre regeneration steering group and the Council’s management team and cabinet.

Integrated services

architecture, graphic design, landscape architecture, town planning, urban design