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Southgates Masterplan


Location Client
King’s Lynn Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk (BCKLWN)

Project details

BDP is currently preparing a Masterplan for transformational improvements to the historic Southgates area of King’s Lynn. Southgates is centred upon a highways junction which has acted as the southern entrance into King’s Lynn since medieval times and contains a number of significant heritage assets. Despite this, the area currently presents an unpleasant and vehicle-dominated environment which fails to provide a worthy first impression of the town.

Together with viability consultants Montagu Evans and transport advisors Urban Flow, we have worked closely with BCKLWN and key stakeholders to develop a vision and design strategies as well as a delivery strategy. We have proposed a transformational realignment which prioritises sustainable travel flows, provides new areas of public realm, and improves the setting of heritage assets.

The vision for Southgates has been informed by an extensive process of stakeholder engagement beginning at project inception. In the baseline stage, a series of individual meetings were held with local stakeholders who were then also drawn together into a series of workshops to inform the design development. Our consultation strategy has culminated in an online and in-person public consultation period.


  • Create a development brief for the historic area of Southgates, creating an attractive gateway to King’s Lynn
  • Extensive stakeholder engagement beginning at project inception
  • Delivery strategy


  • transformational realignment which prioritises active and sustainable travel flows, provides significant new areas of public realm, and substantially improves the setting of heritage asset
  • Benefits to residents and visitors alike

Integrated services

town planning, urban design