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St John Bosco Arts College


Location Client Cost Completion
Liverpool, UK Liverpool City Council £18m 2014

Project details

The response uses a simple efficient building form allowing for greater flexibility to create both transformational and inspirational spaces.

Colour, graphics and clever internal planning to minimise circulation space and allowing for multiple functions, have created a unique response to the school’s identity and sense of place in its community.

The potentially singular large open environment is subdivided by ‘The Hill’, a central device which creates a series of spaces and scales of environment to suit different functions. 

Learning clusters for each cohort provide stimulating environments for different pedagogic approaches and allow easy adaption to suit other future uses should the need arise.

an exciting mix of learning environments and social spaces


  • a big box scheme which is flexible for both the school and future
  • deliver a build with 15% more area but at a reduced cost


  • a three storey single span column free environment containing an exciting mix of learning environments and social spaces

Integrated services

architecture, landscape architecture