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Umoja House


Location Client Cost Completion Awards
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Foreign & Commonwealth Office £2.5m 2004 1

Project details

A fitting response to the city and its climate.

BDP designed the structural and environmental engineering for a building in which the British High Commission and embassies of Germany and the Netherlands and for the European Commission in Tanzania were co-located.

Defence against the climate pervaded all aspects of the design. To prevent overall heat gain our design has a floating solar roof and external louvres to three elevations. Materials were sourced locally wherever possible and supported via local agents and contractors.

It is an unfortunate necessity that this space will be enjoyed by only a small community. But if some visitors are inspired by its lessons of regional design it will have been the more worthwhile.

The Architects' Journal


  • to create a secure building
  • build to European standards in one of the poorest countries of the world and with extremely aggressive climate
  • provide the client with an acceptable internal condition with due regard to sustainable energy sources


  • we provide a solution to the climatic conditions without over complicating the engineering
  • the project won the Institution of Structural Engineers special award 2004
  • 2023 Architecture Today Awards - International winner

Integrated services

environmental engineering, structural engineering, landscape architecture, lighting, acoustics