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Aberdeen City Centre Masterplan


Location Client Size Completion
Aberdeen, Scotland, UK Aberdeen City Council 175 hectares Design 2015, Realisation 2015-2040

Project details

We led a consortium to prepare a masterplan and delivery strategy for Aberdeen City Centre. The 20-year plan includes a programme of traffic measures that will reduce the negative impact caused by large volumes of private cars in the historic core, the extensive upgrading of Union Street, the expansion of Union Terrace Gardens and the redevelopment of the Guild Street area to provide an enhanced environment for people arriving into the city centre by rail or bus services. The Castlegate area will become the city’s civic heart and the St Nicholas Centre will be revamped.

The plan includes four themes focusing on economy, community, environment and infrastructure; Energy and More, A City for People, Light of the North and Connected City.

I have found BDP’s consensus building approach crucial towards the success of the City Centre Masterplan and Delivery Programme. This has been done against the background of a city divided by previous decisions made in the City over the last few years. The masterplan, which received over 85% public support and unanimously agreed across all political parties in the Council, provides the Council the correct base to make meaningful interventions to improve the city centre’s competitiveness and vibrancy.

Andrew Win City Development Programme Manager


  • to prepare a new vision and delivery programme for Aberdeen City Centre


  • a 20-year plan that delivers sustainable and economic development
  • Planning Award (highly commended) 2015

Integrated services

urban planning, urban design, landscape architecture, sustainability