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David Brennan

David Brennan

Principal, building services engineering, head of Dublin studio Dublin
+353 [0]1 474 0600

David is a principal and heads the Dublin studio. He also leads the building services engineering team in Ireland.

He actively promotes sustainable building design and has been involved in a vast range of commercial, educational and healthcare building projects throughout Ireland.

David has overseen the retrofitting of new environmental control systems into the historic wings of the National Gallery of Ireland. Other notable projects include the fit-out of new offices for Yahoo!, the design of the ESB’s new HQ offices in Dublin, a new Human Biology Building at NUI Galway and the 116 bed Mercer Institute for Successful Ageing at St. James Hospital Dublin. 

Who has had the biggest personal influence on your work?

“Explorers such as Ernest Shackleton, who achieved great feats through a combination of meticulous planning, dogged determination, organisation, discipline, staying power and good leadership.”


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